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Poorschach Pest

well i was planning on sleeping tonight…

are you my mommy?

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Poo Brain

is what happens when my sugar tanks it like the Titanic. just like there was no room on that board for leonardo….there was no room for any of my intelligence

Call my Radio Show

radio show is on for another half hour (till 8 pm). unless you’re in the campus area you won’t be able to hear it but you can always call and have the satisfaction of your request being heard by our listeners. Call the Dan and Dabeetus show at 724-738-2947 to be heard all over the Slippery Rock University campus and surrounding area.

Dear bitch across the hall,


STFU I can hear your whole phone conversation about you banging this guy. 

freakin slutface mcgee

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i was so ticked when i never got to finish this movie as a child. i had to go to the hospital in the middle of it. TO THIS DAY i have yet to finish it =[

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hey, i’d listen to it. it’s better than a good bit of stuff nowadays

do this. the more people in, the greater the impact. grab some attention and be content with what you have for just a single month. it won’t be too hard. i know ME3 comes out but really? its a month. you can do it

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